SCBWI is a group of very fun children’s writers and illustrators who are just kids at heart. 


     I have many passions including creating children's books, art, and photography. I live in a Central Oregon, a place of rugged beauty, diversity of nature and people.  I am grateful to weave my creativity, over 25 years experience as a teacher and counselor with my life-long love of children’s literature. 

     I have always enjoyed the outdoors and remain a tom-girl   In grade school, I daydreamed of being outside.  I still dream.  It is the place where new ideas are born. 

      Art has been a very significant part of my life.  At age four, I started taking photographs and working in my grandpa’s darkroom.  By age 10, my older sister introduced me and my long blonde hair to oil paints!  I studied to become an artist, an art teacher, illustrator, and an art therapist.

     I've led a rich life, living from coast to coast and states in-between.  Some of past my jobs include lifeguard, city park supervisor, reading teacher, high school yearbook advisor, and an elementary art teacher.      

      Presently, I support a highly diverse elementary school of 470 curious children from kindergarten through fifth grade.  

      Thanks for visiting!